Studies predict a shortage of qualified mental health professionals in the future.  The financial rewards of being a mental health professional are dropping drastically due to how the insurance companies are reimbursing for services.  As the baby-boomers retire out of their positions and fewer young people are entering the field, we are soon headed towards a crisis.

Will you use your iPhone for mental health care and self-management?

How will we get the mental health care we need?

Enter the mobile App.   There is no doubt that mobile Apps are revolutionizing health care right now, and will continue to do so in the future.  But what about mental health?

The mental health space is primed for using mobile apps to help people manage their own mental health and wellness.  We will have to bear some of the responsibility of our own mental health care.  Mobile devices have some powerful affordances:

  • Tools to help you self-manage your own issues, such as addictions or disorders
  • Tracking to help you understand and change your behavior patterns
  • Data sharing with your health care provider, to customize your health care
  • Ability to connect remotely with  health care professional in real time

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