Center for Mindful Self-Compassion

Dr. Phelps is a liaison and product manager of the new Mindful Self-Compassion Mobile App (MSC App). She was instrumental in creating the relationship with the developers and managing communication and designs specification.

The MSC App serves the teachers who are trained in Mindful Self-Compassion to share their credentials, courses available, and customized self-compassion practices. If you are looking for a way to be kinder to yourself, the MSC App is the place to go.

Grow RO

Health eDesigns developed a mobile app for the mental health professionals at Grow RO. This app is for people who are engaging in Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to easily track their behaviors skills and more!

Therapy is hard enough; GrowRO makes the rest easy. To Learn more about the company we worked with follow the link in the comments.

The Ellie App

Health eDesigns developed a mobile app to be used in the research of a psychologist at Trinity University.

Ellie helps patients track their experiences between therapist visits. It allows the patients to communicate with their therapists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals so that the whole team has accurate information.

Ellie generates personalized reports.

bioAffinity Technologies

Health eDesigns is working with Maria Zannes, President and CEO of bioAffinity, to give them the top notch powerpoint pitch decks to raise the funding they need to succeed. bioAffinity bioAffinity Technologies applies experience, intelligence and creativity to develop unique treatments for cancer. Biotech companies are only as successful as the amount of money they are able to raise, and we at Health eDesigns are delighted to help translate their science into language investors find attractive.

RegenTX Partners

When it was time to update branding and create their first website, RegenTX Partners came to Health eDesings for their expertise. RegenTX Partners LLC is a FDA-registered processor of human tissues that bring healing and hope to those afflicted with acute and chronic disease. The experts at Health eDesigns have the skills and knowledge to speak directly to the scientists and translate their mission into language anyone can understand.


Walkingspree is a leading corporate wellness company providing physical activity-focused, digital health solutions to improve
employee and patient wellness. Health eDesigns helped this company rebrand their digital materials, relaunch a new website, and update their sales ppt decks. Hiran Perera, the CEO and founder has also secured Dr. Phelps of Health eDesigns to assist in game and interaction design.

Progenerative Medical

What do you do when you get a seed round of funding for your biotech startup? Update your digital marketing tools! Progenerative Medical is a med-tech startup developing reduced pressure therapies for orthopedic indications. We are working with Co-Founders, Neal Vail and Dr. Larry Swain to create a new website, update their investor pitch deck, and other digital promotional materials. Progenerative will be positioned to go for their Series A round of funding based on their solid research and their updated digital materials.

Trinity University

HEALTHeDesigns is working with Dr. Bill Ellison of the Department of Psychology to develop a mobile app to help patients track symptoms before and between visits to their mental health provider.

Symptom tracking can help patients in many ways. It makes it easier to remember what issues have been troublesome, it improves the accuracy of the patient self-report, and it helps patients understand if their symptom are getting worse and may need immediate attention.

University of Texas Health Science Center

HEALTHeDesigns worked with the San Antonio Science Center Department of Psychiatry Division of alcohol and drug Addiction, and the Military Health Institute to develop a website to host Webinars to train professionals.

Operation AdEPT delivers evidence-based training and education on substance use treatment and prevention. Interactive webinars, presented by national and international experts, delivers state of the art research to front line substance abuse providers. Operation AdEPT’s mission is improving the quality of substance abuse treatment and prevention in the armed forces.

Baylor College of Medicine

HEALTHeDesigns is developing a series of mobile apps for Baylor College of Medicine and the Houston Gulf Coast MIRECC (Mental Illness Research and Clinical Center).

Conquer Panic is a mobile app designed for Veterans who have Panic Disorder.  It helps them to deal with a panic attack in real time with heability to understand their symptoms, and take steps to lessen them.

Conquer Anxiety is a mobile app designed for Veterans who have a variety of anxiety disorders.  THe app provides education for them to learn about various anxiety disorder and learn how to cope with them on a daily bases.  It uses a scoring system to encourage use which helps compliance and makes the app fun to use.


Dr. Phelps has over 10 years of experience in designing technologies to help people learn and change their behavior as a Faculty Member in the School of Health Information Science at UTHealth (1998-2009). She led the the Learning and Technology Team to help students use technology to help them make their goals a realization.

HEALTHeDesigns worked with Dr. Dyer at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston to build virtual worlds to help train medical students to work with geriatric patients.  Using evidence-based techniques to solve technology design problems, whether it be designing a custom mobile app or developing interactive online curriculum, she lead several National Institutes of Health grant funded projects.

The Veterans Administration

Dr. Phelps has been a consultant for the Veterans Administration since 2009. We use evidence-based techniques to solve technology design problems, whether it be designing a custom mobile app or developing interactive online curriculum. HEALTHeDesigns has the solution to make you look like a rockstar.

Houston MIRECC

HEALTHeDesigns has worked with the Houston MIRECC (Mental Illness Research and Clinical Centers) to help them develop their curriculum to train health professionals.  Using the latest course authoring tools as a team we developed their training materials to be online courses that could be taken by health professionals anytime, anywhere.

Long Beach MIRECC

HEALTHeDesigns is developing a set of mobile apps for the VA Long Beach MIRECC (Mental Illness Research and Clinical Center).

Recovery Coach is a mobile app designed for Veterans who have Schizophrenia.  It helps them to deal crises in real time, manage their medications, learn about their disorder,  cope with their symptoms, and take steps to lessen them in real time.

Life Coach is a is a mobile app designed for Veterans who have Bipolar Disorder.  It helps them to deal crises in real time with things like deep breathing exercises.  It allows Veterans to manage their medications, learn about their disorder, cope with their symptoms, and take steps to lessen them in real time.