It’s no surprise that mobile health is changing the landscape of healthcare.  However, It is surprising how quickly it’s happening.  For investors in the health technology arena, it is requiring them to rapidly respond to demand that is coming through a grassroots type of push to adopt mobile health.

Large health institutions, such as hospitals, are rather slow to adopt mobile devices into their healthcare processes.  Larger organizations take time to change, and are held to strict laws and guidelines as to how they can use technology, especially surrounding HIPPA (The laws that protect your sensitive health data).

It is both the individual patients and doctors who are pushing the envelop to use technology in health care.  Patients purchase mobile apps to improve and track their health. They bring this information with them into the doctor’s office.  This is creating a new demand to link mobile devices to their electronic medical records.  Physicians are also pushing mobile adoption along with their purchasing of mobile devices such as iPads to access medical records on the go, read xRays and other health images, and to schedule.

If you are looking for a high-risk high-reward investment, mobile health companies are a fantastic place to invest your dollars.

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