One in four people in the US will have a mental health challenge this year.  So, if it’s not you, then just look around, because it’s probably your Mom, your co-worker, or that guy that helped you at the bank.

Typically we think of people with mental illness as being the homeless person on the street.  While it is true mental health issues affect a higher percentage of people who are homeless, it is actually a issue for everyday people.

Join in the campaign to Stand Up to Mental Illness.

“By Standing Up for Mental Health, you’ll let others know:

  • There is nothing “wrong” with having a mental illness.
  • People with a mental illness are not alone in what they are dealing with.
  • People with a mental illness shouldn’t feel ashamed or forced to hide their mental illness symptoms and desire for effective treatment.
  • Mental health stigma will no longer be tolerated.”

Personally, I struggle with depression, panic disorder and addiction.  I’d like people to treat me just like they would treat anyone else.

Photo: Creative Commons License hobvias sudoneighm big-social