When we think about monitoring something or someone, often times the idea of “big brother” comes to mind. It assumes that if the technology exists then it will be used by someone more power than ourselves to possible nefarious ends.

We already know that with technologies like facebook, we trade the ability to stay connected with many people with giving the facebook corporation our data to use as they wish.

But what about technologies designed to improve your mental health? This is an important question. Just as you might ask of ANY app that collects your data to improve your health.

The benefits of monitoring your mental health, may far exceed the risks to your data privacy.

When choosing any type of app that collects your health or personal data, it’s important to know how the company plans to utilize and protect your data. Most companies have policies accessible online that describe in detail how you information will be used and protected. At a minimum, if these apps are used in conjunction with a health professional, they need to adhere to the requirements of HIPAA,Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Mobile devices have the ability to collect important data that can help you better understand your moods, and to even help you diagnose problems, such as depression. Check out what researchers at Northwestern University are doing with mobile apps and depression.

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